Evolving from E.L. Barrett and Son, a firm began in 1860 by Edwin L. Barrett. It grew as an offspring of an even earlier enterprise known as Hastings, Barrett and Petts. That company published the Springfield News, with Mr. Petts as Editor, and in 1866 the paper's name was changed to the Springfield Daily Republic. The Barrett firm sold books and stationery and later added legal blank form manufacturing.

Edwin Barrett improved the existing legal blank forms being used by Ohio Township and County offices, and originated a system of poll books and other forms for public elections in each precinct. Barrett has expanded its product line to include

  • bound books
  • customized forms for county offices such as dog licenses, tax forms, traffic tickets, marriage license, and file folders
  • labels
  • envelopes
  • binders, minute books
  • election supplies - ballot printing, precinct kits, absentee envelopes, receipt books, and registration cards

Under the guidance of general manager Julie Bennett since 1991, Barrett Brothers has sales people covering virtually all county and municipal offices in all 88 counties of Ohio. We can support you in all of your commercial printing and mailing needs.

Barrett Brothers is a proud print partner for Elections systems and software.